American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene ACGH Award Recipient from KRIBS


American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene ACGH Award for Research SupportĀ 

The ASTMH Committee on Global Health aims to address health issues that unfavorably affect underserved and under-resourced populations, including and in addition to ASTMH’s traditional purview of tropical medicine and hygiene. Global health topic areas focus on globalization’s impact on health, health disparities, and global health partnerships.

It is aimed at all levels of trainees who are working toward ACGH goals. This ACGH-sponsored award is designed to support research expenses for trainees who have approved research projects that are currently active or will start during 2022. Trainees can use the award to support travel to field sites, purchase equipment, software, reagents, or supplies, or cover other expenses that will enhance the project.

ACGH Award for Research Support Recipient 2022




Awarded applicant: Minu Singh (MSc. Biotechnology), Department of Infection and Immunology, Kathmandu Research Institute for Biological Sciences