April 11, 2017

Team Members- Department of Natural Products

 Sagar Aryal

Head, Department of Natural Products
Email: sagar@kribs.org.np

I am a passionate Microbiologist and the Scientific Blogger who enjoys writing blogs. I am interested in research related to Medical Microbiology and Bacteriology. I run a science magazine named as “Microbiology World” (www.microbiologyworld.com) and Scientific Journal named as “International Journal of Microbiology and Allied Sciences” (www.ijomas.com) where I worked as a Editor-In-Chief for both publications. I also run a microbiology notes website (http://www.microbiologyinfo.com).

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  Nimraj Sapkota

Nimraj SapkotaBeing a microbiologist, I am interested in research that correlate the Biotechnology, Immunology, Molecular biology and Microbiology.