April 11, 2017

Team Members- Department of Infection and Immunology

Anurag Adhikari

Head, Department of Infection and Immunology
Email: adhikari dot a at kribs dot org dot np

My interest revolves around host pathogen interaction with specific focus on immune activation. I’m interested in characterizing emerging infectious agent and their impact on immune system of host. I’m currently working in Dengue virus, Hepatitis E, C and B virus, O. tsutsugamusi and HIV.
I’m also an enthusiast of synthetic biology and I’m working now on identifying novel glycopeptide scaffold from high altitude actinomycetes.

NCBI Bibliography Link

Amina Baniya

My research interests includes synthetic biology, immunology and medical biotechnology. Basically, every life science research draws my attention. I am currently working on isolation of novel antibiotic producing scaffold from high Himalayan Actinomycetes.

Ashmita Timilsina

I have interest in research in the field of immunology, cancer biology, molecular biology, natural product and mycology.

Binod G.C

My research interest is on Antibiotic resistant infections including epidemiology, resistance mechanism, intervention strategies, Drug development with new antimicrobial agents, Emerging diseases their pathogenesis, transmission and public health impact.

Binod Rayamajhee

I do have sake in wide spectrum of Microbiology and multidisciplinary research ranging from antimicrobial resistance [AMR] to translational and clinical application of molecular diagnosis. Now, I have been working with multidrug drug resistance [MDR] Salmonella Typhi isolates from different clinical setting of Kathmandu Valley. Mainly I focus about infectious and tropical diseases; wish to engage in applied Microbiology for vanguard research outcomes to reduce disease burdens. I am rabid about sharing the latest findings in the field of public health.

Daisy Awale

I am a biotechnology graduate with keen interest in microbiology, especially on multi drug resistance and emerging infectious diseases. Currently, I am experimenting around with various scopes of biotechnology so that I can broaden my horizon of knowledge and skills. With this organization, I want to do something for research field in Nepal, so that future researchers can get a platform to work on.

Gaurab Karki

I am a dedicated microbiologist with excellent technical and analytical microbiological skills. My primary interest in researches that study intersection between immunology and virology focusing on design and preclinical evaluation of vaccines targeting emerging viral pathogens. I am also interested in analysis and characterization of outbreak strain, molecular analysis of drug resistant gene and track down the dissemination of resistance through horizontal gene transfer among bacterial population.

NCBI Bibliography Link

Manjula Bhattarai

I am interested in clinical research with an intersection of public health and its interventions. I am currently working in a Anti retro viral therapy program for HIV patients in Kathmandu. The scenario of HIV and its complication is immense in Nepal. Adherence of ART regime is one of my specified interest.

Minu Singh

My research interest is on clinical research, drug discovery and synthetic biology. I am currently working on a comparative study on anti cancer, antioxidant, antimicrobial properties and enzyme assay of Desmostachya bipinnata, Himalayacalamus asper and Triticum aestivum.

Pratik Koirala

My interest involves studying biochemical aspects of an organism’s physiology. I find the chemical processes that dictates the working of our body fascinating and want to learn about how a healthy organism’s metabolism strays from its intended path in presence of extrinsic factors like bacteria and viruses as well as mostly intrinsic factor like cancer cells.

Sushma Singh

I am interested on genetic research, immunology, research involving cell lines analysis as well as medical biotechnology. I am currently working on isolation of novel antibiotics producing scaffold from high Himalayan Actinomycetes.